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  • Metal Spinning Examples
  • 60 inch half dome hemisphere lighting pendants
    0 inch half dome hemisphere lighting pendants
    Sculpture and Ornamental
  • 60 inch half dome hemisphere lighting pendants
    half dome hemisphere lighting pendants
    60" half dome hemisphere
    lighting pendants
  • Metal Fabrication Techniques and Processes
    hemisphere lighting pendants
    6' Diameter Stainless
    Steel Hemispheres
  • Metal Spinning Possibilities
  • Metal Spinning Capabilities
  • Conventional Spinning Equipment

Metal spinning possibilities are endless
with Acme Metal Spinning.

Since 1908, Acme has been serving up unique metal formed spinnings from tanks heads to hemispheres, and for thousands of ideas. With the possibilities so endless for spinnings, why not try us on your next big or small idea. From 0.25" up to 120" diameters in steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brass. Request a quote today.

Acme produces metal spinnings for Lighting Reflectors, Heat Lamp Reflectors, Trim Rings, Light fixture Bowls, Lighting Rings, Chalice and Goblets, Chandeliers, Bases, Hemispheres, Domes, Diffusers, Canopies, Flanges, Pie Pans, Lamp Shades, Cones, Electrical Housings, Bezels, Bowls, Tank heads, Agriculture wheel hubs, and much more. See examples now.

Evaluate Metal Spinning

When to choose metal spinning depends on several factors including the size of your part, thickness, and material. See Acme's range of metal spinning capabilities. Read more →

Solutions To Industries

This electronic art of metal spinning has a flare for thickness up to 0.250" stainless and up to 1" for Aluminum. Sizes range form small up to 120 inches diameter. Read more →

Examples To Browse

Acme Metal Spinning produces shapes of Parabolic, Domes, Cones, Venturi, Re-entrant flared, Cylindrical shell and many more.
Read more →