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Acme Metal Spinning Produces 6 Foot Diameter Stainless Steel Hemispherical Parts

Acme Metal Spinning, a well-known 100 year old metal spinning company, successfully achieved production of four identical, 72" diameter, one-piece design hemispherical parts.

Acme designed and produced a laminated wood tooling pattern (a common technique used in the metal spinning industry) for production of the hemispherical parts. The tooling was designed on Acme's CAD system and then machined on a 120" diameter capacity lathe.

One piece large hemispherical parts

Production of the parts started out with 3/16" thick, type 304 stainless steel blanks measuring almost 8 feet in diameter. The parts where produced on a specially equipped hydraulic spinning lathe customized by Acme to enhance part size and overall finish quality.

The four parts measured 72" in diameter x 36" deep. Acme used an annealing process during the production to help relieve material stress and work hardening. Finally, the parts were polished to a #4 finish.

Acme is considered a specialist in hemispherical and large diameter spinnings. Secondary value-added operations can be easily incorporated on one of Acme's additional CNC systems.

Other common industries using components produced by Acme include:

  • Air-Moving
  • Cryogenic Tank Building
  • Food Processing
  • Agricultural
  • Architectural

If your requirements are as small as 0.50" in diameter or as thick as 3/4" in mild steel, Acme is your one-stop-source in metal spinnings.

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