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Lighting Industry

Metal Spinning Lighting Industry Capabilities

Acme Metal Spinning has capabilities to produce light fixture components up to 120 inches in diameter. Examples include chandelier rings, light fixture bowl, hemispherical bowls, reflectors and many more shapes.

Our experience includes producing lighting components for commercial and governmental buildings, theaters, churches, libraries and more. Often large, one-of-a-kind and low quantity decorative lighting fixture designs pose fabricating challenges in terms of turnaround time, quality and economy. Acme Metal Spinning’s is your solution for and our time-proven, cost effective processes for producing impressive appearing parts in low to medium quantities and with short lead times.

Examples include:
Light reflectors Chandelier rings Lighting canopies
Hemispheres Lighting bowls Lamp fitters
Reflectors Pendant rings Lamp cups
Globe Bases Lighting discs Lamp covers
Optical reflectors Lighting amp finials Lamp caps
Recessed trims Lighting spacers Lamp breaks
Lighting cylinders Lighting Balls Lamp bodies
Lighting rings Lighting domes Lamp bases
Lighting fitters Lighting cupolas Lamp inserts

Capabilities Under An Inch - Up To 120 Inch Diameter
Diameter Aluminum Mild Steel Steel Stainless
To 48" 1" 0.750" 0.375"
To 90" 0.625" 0.312" 0.187"
To 120" 0.375" 0.25" 0.187"
Metal Spinning architecture lighting components

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