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Design Tips

Material Design Tips


Acme will help plan your material needs. Check our in-stock sheet sizes and thicknesses. Check the approximate size you may need. A change in diameter or depth of spinning may lower cost of material. Spinning in most cases will cause material thinning and hardening so consider the minimum wall thickness your part project can tolerate. Tubing, rolled and welded rings welded sheet can be utilized for some shapes for further material savings.

Radii Design Tips


A large corner radius will be stronger and thin out the material less than tight corners. Larger corner radii can be more economical to produce.

Dimensions Design Tips


Inside dimensions are the easiest to hold. Indicate the tolerances you would like held. Consider the largest tolerance you can effectively use. Difficult tolerances will increase part costs so plan these carefully. Specify only what your part needs.

Tooling Design Tips


Tooling made of steel will have the longest life and should hold the closest tolerances. Temporary tooling made of wood or composites typically will cost less and usually has a shorter life. Acme offers both tooling styles and will work closely with you to make the correct choice.

Design Consultation

Design Consultation

Communicate early on in your design. The sooner your design engineering people talk with us, the more effectively we can be in applying our metal spinning expertise to your part design. Acme employs the latest CAD technology to ensure quality results.

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