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Metal Spinning 60" Half Dome Hemisphere Pendants Provide The Solution For Architectural Lighting Fixtures

Acme Metal Spinning recently completed a short run metal spinning project for six 60" aluminum hemispheres to be installed in a commercial building lobby and connecting hallways. Acme produced temporary, low cost tooling for the small lot run and completed the entire project from tooling build, metal spun parts to delivery in 3 weeks.

The hemispheres were spun from 3003H14 aluminum, 0.249" thick material, and spun to accomplish the required designed contour. The hemispheres were hand finished to a pleasing brushed style. When completed each hemisphere weighs 94 lbs. prior to installation of electrical sockets, lights, suspension cables which were integrated by the architectural designer.

Architectural Lighting Fixtures
60 inch Half-Dome Hemisphere Pendant

Metal spinning unique light component designs and other decorative ornamental parts 1/4 inch to over 10 ft diameters is Acme’s forte. The company specializes in metal spinning custom contoured and formed metal parts in stainless steel, brushed aluminum, mild steel, brass and many other materials and can incorporate flowing corners, sharp bends and fine finishes in these lighting components.

Common lighting components Acme spins include: hemispheres, pendant and chandelier rings, bases, discs, lamp finials, couplings, spacers, balls, domes, cupolas and more.

Established in 1908, Acme Metal Spinning has complete in-house CNC lathes, manual lathes including dozens of spinning machines and systems, conventional spinning equipment, trimming, cutoff and beading equipment as well as welding and joining capabilities. Many value-added services are available such as hole punching, flanging and finishing are offered.

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