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About Acme Metal Spinning

Since 1908, Acme Metal Spinning has grown into one of the largest metal spinning manufacturers in the Midwest. For over a century, Acme has built an industry-wide reputation for high quality metal spinnings in a broad range of materials in diameters from 0.25 inch up to 120 inches.

Acme Metal Spinning is a reliable and trusted just-in-time supplier having pioneered many new metal spinning fabrication techniques and processes for the benefit of its many long-time and satisfied customers. The company provides quality metal spinnings to leading lighting, architectural metal, off-highway vehicle, aerospace, medical, military, chemical, agricultural and many other industries.

The company has complete in-house CNC metal spinning equipment including dozens of spinning machines and systems, conventional spinning equipment, trimming, cutoff and beading equipment as well as many value-added services are available such as hole punching, flanging and finishing.

Part consultation between engineering and experienced metal spinners
Part consultation between engineering and experienced metal spinners

Acme Metal Spinning is a proud member of the Precision Metal Forming Association.

Precision Metal Forming Association
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