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Evaluate Metal Spinning

When To Choose Metal Spinning. Metal spinning is a process of forming flat metal discs or pre-formed metal workpieces on a metal spinning lathe into conical, hemispherical and cylindrical shapes. It is a cost-effective process for producing these types of parts in low to medium quantities and with short lead times.

As quantity requirements increase, stamping may be a more cost-effective choice, particularly if the stamping tool requirements are nominal. However, as the part diameter increases and tool costs for stamping increase, metal spinning usually is a more economical choice.

Metal spinning also competes favorably with a variety of plastic fabrication processes, especially where the cost of metal is often less expensive than petroleum-based material.

Time-to-market as well as quantities and tooling costs are important in your selection process. An important advantage provided by Acme Metal Spinning is fast prototype part production and test market quantities. The company can provide 72 hour or less prototype part turnaround. To launch a product, Acme will spin part prototypes or test market quantities while permanent tools are being made. This is an economical way to launch a product, verify acceptance, make changes, then make permanent production tooling.

Parabolic Shaped Metal Spinning
Domes Shaped Metal Spinning
Cones Shaped Metal Spinning
Venturi Shaped Metal Spinning
Re-Entrant-Flared Shaped Metal Spinning
Cylindrical Shell Shaped Metal Spinning
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