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Sculpture and Ornamental

Acme Metal Spinning has capabilities to produce metal spinnings to be used in sculpture and ornamental projects and products. Acme metal spins components over 10 ft diameters and as small as 1/4 of an inch. Examples include discs, spheres, bowls, finials, dome caps, and round bases.

Our experience includes producing sculpture and ornamental components for commercial products, governmental monuments, artists and more. Often large, one-of-a-kind sculpture and ornamental designs pose fabricating challenges in terms of turnaround time, quality and economy. Acme Metal Spinning’s has solutions for cost effective processes for metal spinning parts in low to medium quantities and with short lead times.

Metal spun steel shields for 35-foot sculpture

Examples include:
BowlsFinialsDome caps
Round basesRingsCylinders

Capabilities Under An Inch - Up To 120 Inch Diameter
DiameterAluminumMild SteelSteel Stainless
To 48"1"0.750"0.375"
To 90"0.625"0.312"0.187"
To 120"0.375"0.25"0.187"
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