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Acme Metal Spinning provides a range of spinning not found in other shops. When initiating a part project, our designers and technicians conceptualize and evaluate ideas and combine imagination and technology to create value. They prototype and fabricate test components and their function in your applications. Then, utilizing computer aided design and CNC spinning equipment, customer parts are fabricated at high speed with consistent quality.

A major Acme strength is its excellent equipment and skilled operators. Included in its dozens of spinning systems are a full range of systems including:

  1. Specialty machine design and built by Prism Machinery LTD. Metal spinning machine Model PNC-600 CNC is capable of producing spun components up to 48" diameter. The system is equipped with robust hydraulics to handle heavy metal gauge aluminum to 1" and 0.75" mild steel.
  2. 100 HP CNC machines with a capacity of 48 inch diameter parts of 0.750 inch thick mild steel.
  3. CNC system has 60 inch diameter part capacity of 0.250 inch thick mild steel.
  4. 120 inch diameter capacity hydraulic-assisted spinning lathe.
Acme expands productivity with an additional machine, the PNC 1200, which is now in full swing with its 96" diameter capacity and 1/4" stainless steel capacity. Year after year Acme continues to improve and grow to satisfy our customer demands and produce excellent products.
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