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ACME Metal Spinning



Materials and Sizes

Acme metal spins parts in standard and exotic materials including various alloy steels, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and precious metals. Diameter sizes range from 1/4 inch to 120 inches.

Acme is continually challenged with new materials, shapes and sizes. Acme's ability to produce high quality parts quickly and with increasingly thicker materials – 3/4 inch steel for example – gives Acme preferred vendor status with many customers.

Under An Inch - Up To 120 Inch Diameter
DiameterAluminumMild SteelSteel Stainless
To 48"1"0.750"0.375"
To 90"0.625"0.312"0.187"
To 96"0.25"0.25"0.25"
To 120"0.375"0.25"0.187"
Circle Shearing Size Capabilities
DiameterAluminumMild SteelSteel Stainless
To 120"0.625"0.375"0.250"
Standard Tolerances Held
  • 24" Finished Diameter ±0.032"
  • 36" Finished Diameter ±0.060"
  • 48" Finished Diameter ±0.090"
  • 72" Finished Diameter ±0.125"
  • 96" Finished Diameter ±0.186"
    (Closer Tolerances can be held upon request)
Materials Available For Spinning
  • Aluminum and Alloys
  • High Strength - Low Alloy Steels
  • Copper, Brass, and Alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heat and Corrosion Resisting Alloys
  • Super strength Steels
  • High Temp High Strength Iron Based Alloys
  • Refractory and Basic Metals
  • Precious Metals
  • Common Steel
  • Special and Coated Steels
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