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Materials and Sizes

Acme metal spins parts in standard and exotic materials including various alloy steels, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and precious metals. Diameter sizes range from 1/4 inch to 120 inches.

Acme is continually challenged with new materials, shapes and sizes. Acme's ability to produce high quality parts quickly and with increasingly thicker materials – 3/4 inch steel for example – gives Acme preferred vendor status with many customers.

Under An Inch - Up To 120 Inch Diameter
DiameterAluminumMild SteelSteel Stainless
To 48"1"0.750"0.375"
To 90"0.625"0.312"0.187"
To 96"0.25"0.25"0.25"
To 120"0.375"0.25"0.187"
Circle Shearing Size Capabilities
DiameterAluminumMild SteelSteel Stainless
To 120"0.625"0.375"0.250"
Standard Tolerances Held
  • 24" Finished Diameter ±0.032"
  • 36" Finished Diameter ±0.060"
  • 48" Finished Diameter ±0.090"
  • 72" Finished Diameter ±0.125"
  • 96" Finished Diameter ±0.186"
    (Closer Tolerances can be held upon request)
Materials Available For Spinning
  • Aluminum and Alloys
  • High Strength - Low Alloy Steels
  • Copper, Brass, and Alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heat and Corrosion Resisting Alloys
  • Super strength Steels
  • High Temp High Strength Iron Based Alloys
  • Refractory and Basic Metals
  • Precious Metals
  • Common Steel
  • Special and Coated Steels
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