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Large, Custom Light Fixture And Architectural Components Fabricated By Acme Metal Spinning - Includes Impressive Chandeliers, Light Fixture Bowls, Rings, Domes And Hoods

Acme Metal Spinning has capabilities and experience to fabricate large light fixture and architectural components up to 120 inches in diameter. These include gorgeous chandeliers, striking light fixture bowls and beautiful lighting rings. Installation of these impressive decorative light fixtures includes commercial and governmental buildings, theaters, churches, libraries and more.

Often large, one-of-a-kind and low quantity decorative lighting fixture designs pose fabricating challenges in terms of turnaround time, quality and economy. The solution: Acme Metal Spinning's process of forming flat metal discs or pre-formed metal work pieces on metal spinning lathes into conical, hemispherical and cylindrical shapes. It's a time-proven, cost effective process for producing impressive appearing parts in low to medium quantities and with short lead times.

Acme spins decorative light fixture components in many different materials. Its capabilities include standard and exotic materials including various alloy steels, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and precision metals and in thickness up to 3/4 inch. Value-added services are also available for these light fixture components including hole punching, flanging and finishing.

Custom Light Fixture and Architectural Components

As for tooling, two styles are available from Acme Metal Spinning. Tooling made of steel has the longest life, holds closest tolerances and usually is the preferred choice for larger quantities and repeat jobs. Temporary tooling made of wood or composites is the preferred alternative for one-of-a-kind designs and small quantities. Acme has wide experience with both types and utilizes CAD in designing tooling for all of its projects.

Example OEM customers for custom light fixture components include Advent Lighting of Greenville, Wisconsin and Camman Industries of Derry, Pennsylvania.

Acme Metal Spinning began in 1908 and has grown into one of the largest metal spinning manufacturers in the Midwest with highly skilled workers operating a full array of metal spinning and allied equipment. With over a century of experience, Acme has built an industry-wide reputation for high quality, cost effective products and dependable service.

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