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Large Metal Spinning For Cryogenic, Food, Filtration, And Specialty Bowls Produced In Stainless Steel Or Aluminum Fabricated By Acme Metal Spinning With CNC Speed, Accuracy And Quality

Large components such as stainless steel and aluminum tank heads, holding tanks, vessels, and cylindrical parts produced in small to medium quantities are fabricated by Acme Metal Spinning.

Ranging in diameters up to 120 inches, these tank heads using Acme's metal spinning processes have uniform wall thickness, unblemished surface finish, and are geometrically consistent part-to-part and run-to-run. Where required, the smooth surface finish of these parts provides an excellent base for high gloss metallic paint.

Large Metal Spinning for Cryogenic

Acme's metal spinning process is a method of forming flat metal discs or pre-formed metal workpieces on CNC metal spinning lathes into conical, hemispherical and cylindrical shapes. Acme produces parts on a variety of specially designed CNC equipment that includes 100 horsepower 2-roller spinning systems capable of shaping material as thick as 0.750 inch mild steel up to 60 inches in diameter. Acme utilizes a full range of hand, hydraulic and CNC controlled spinning lathes, and trimming and beading machines.

To facilitate fast part design and production, Acme maintains a large inventory of various sized tools for hemispheres, cylinders, domes, cones and heads. Or custom tooling can be quickly produced in wood, steel and cast metal, depending on project requirements. In most cases, wood tooling is the most economical method providing fast turnaround for low to medium production runs of various alloy steels, stainless, aluminum, copper, brass and precious metals.

Acme Metal Spinning also provides secondary value-added operations that include beading, trimming, hole punching, circle shearing, and flanging (in/out). These operations can enhance the part design without the need for additional sourcing.

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