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Large Metal Spinnings Up To 120 Inches Are A Specialty Of Acme Metal Spinning - Often Resulting In Lower Costs Compared To Other Processes

Acme Metal Spinning is a full service spinning facility specializing in the fabrication of precision parts from 1/4 inch up to 120 inches diameter. Acme's spinning processes often result in higher quality, lower cost parts compared to stamping, deep drawing, hydroforming or die casting.

A major cost-competitive advantage is Acme's in-house, low cost tooling produced in wood, steel or cast metal. In most cases, wood tooling is the most economical method providing quick turnaround for low to medium production runs in various alloy steels, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and precious metals.

Medium to Large Metal Spinnings

Acme also maintains a large inventory of multiple sized tooling for tank heads, cones, domes, hemispheres, cylinders, etc. which can be utilized for common part requirements.

Applications for Acme large spun parts include cryogenic tank components, air moving equipment, satellite dishes, specialty bowls, gear housings, filtration system components, plus many more.

Parts are produced on a variety of specially designed CNC equipment that include a 100 horsepower 2-roller spinning system capable of handling 0.750" thick mild steel up to 48" diameter. Acme also utilizes a full range of hand, hydraulic, and CNC controlled spinning lathes, trimming and beading machines.

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