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93 Inch Diameter Aluminum Bowls Produced By Acme Metal Spinning For Church Sanctuary Chandelier Light Fixtures

Acme Process Solves Extra Large Diameter, Custom Fixture Needs For Camman Lighting When Camman Lighting was called upon to custom design chandelier lighting fixtures for the new Community United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas, Camman partnered with Acme Metal Spinning to fabricate the bowl structure. Acme had the needed, extra large 120 inch diameter spinning […]

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Spinning -- Part Alternatives Mechanical Art Evolves Into Electronic Art With Competitive Edge For Part Making

As product designers aggressively try to find better and more cost efficient ways to produce products, one manufacturer stands out with its processes as a choice that gets better over time. Metal spinning is an age-old art, but even high technology manufacturers have rediscovered that Acme Metal Spinning has the solution to many of their […]

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120 Inch Diameter Contoured Aluminum Chandelier Base For New Theater Lobby Produced By Acme Metal Spinning -- Process Solves One-Of-A-Kind Manufacturing Needs

Finding acceptable production methods for large, one-of-a-kind metal parts can pose problems in terms of turnaround time, quality and economy. But there are contract manufacturers out there who find one-, two- or four-of-a-kind work challenging and an important aspect of their business. Acme Metal Spinning, a well-known 100 year old metal spinning company, recently fabricated […]

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