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Small Component for Prototype, Process Comparison and Production Should Consider a Consultation With 100 Year-Old Experts - Acme Metal Spinning

Acme Metal Spinning provides small sheet metal spinnings in sizes as small as 1/2" diameter. Typical parts are utilized in medical devices, chemical processing, vacuum systems, architectural, and dust collecting systems. From print to parts, shipments can be made within 72 hours.

Acme's metal spinning is competitive with die casting, stamping, hydroforming, deep drawing, and commonly has lower tooling costs than other processes. Another advantage is the ability to modify tooling inexpensively for prototype work or test marketing as designs change. Acme also has a large inventory of various sized tooling for hemispheres, cylinders, domes, cones and heads that can be utilized to keep tooling costs minimal.

Small Metal Spinnings

Acme has more than 100 years experience performing metal spinning operations with highly skilled craftsmanship. Combined with proprietary CNC equipment including a 100 horsepower, 2 roller spinning system, Acme has the ability to spin difficult profiles, contours, and closed ends that meet or exceed customers specifications.

Secondary value-added operations can easily be performed including beading, trimming, hole punching, circle shearing, or flanging (in/out). These enhance part design and eliminate additional out-sourcing problems.

Acme specializes in spinning a wide variety of sizes from very small 0.50" diameter to very large 120" diameter. Acme expertly handles various alloy steels, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass and precious metals.

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