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Small Metal Spinnings For Medical, Food And Beverage, Chemical Processing, Filtration And Specialty Applications Fabricated By Acme Metal Spinning With CNC Speed, Accuracy And Quality

Designers needing small metal spun components will find Acme Metal Spinning an ideal source. Acme's metal spinning process seamlessly forms flat metal discs or pre-formed metal workpieces on CNC metal spinning lathes into conical, hemispherical and cylindrical shapes.

Typical metal spun small components include housings, cones, domes, flanges, spools, funnels and more. Quantities available range from prototypes to long runs including long-term partnership programs with original equipment manufacturers.

Small Metal Spinnings for Medical Applications

Materials for metal spinning custom components include stainless steel, hot and cold roll steel, aluminum, nickel, copper and brass. Metal spinning thicknesses vary on each material and shape and for example include: stainless steel up to 0.250" and up to 1" for Aluminum.

Metal spinning from Acme may be a better choice over machining, stamping or forming components because it is fast and requires simple tooling that can be produced quickly in wood, steel and cast metal. For more common shapes and sizes, Acme maintains a large inventory of stock tooling so new tooling is not always required.

Acme Metal Spinning also provides secondary value-added operations. These include beading, trimming, hole punching, circle shearing, and flanging (in/out). These operations can enhance the part design without the need for additional sourcing.

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