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Medium Size Part Capability For A Wide Range Of Applications - Fine Finishes, Near-Perfect Contours From Acme Metal Spinning

Metal spinning components such as filtration system parts, gear housings, cryogenic tank components, specialty bowls and air moving equipment are produced quickly at Acme Metal Spinning, often in just 72 hours from print to finished parts.

Acme's processes are very flexible, making them ideal for production runs of parts, prototype work and test marketing quantities as designs change. Acme is a full service spinning facility specializing in the fabrication of precision parts on equipment ranging from 1/4 inch up to 120 inches diameter.

For the OEM manufacturer looking for a vendor with a competitive edge, Acme's spinning processes often result in higher quality, lower cost parts compared to stamping, deep drawing, hydroforming and die casting. One reason is that Acme is able to offer lower tooling costs than other processes. Tooling also can be modified less expensively than other processes, making it ideal for part projects where designs evolve and change.

Medium Metal Spinnings

Acme also maintains a large inventory of standard tool components available to produce hemispheres, cylinders, domes, cones and heads to further reduce tooling costs.

Acme produces metal spinnings in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, copper, aluminum, various alloy steels, brass and precious metals.

Secondary value-added operations are also available from the company such as hole punching, trimming, beading, circle shearing and flanging (in/out). Besides enhancing part design, they eliminate time-consuming additional out-sourcing problems.

With more than 100 years specializing in metal spinning, Acme offers both wide experience and modern systems and equipment. It has hand, hydraulic, and CNC controlled spinning lathes, trimming and beading systems. Combined with proprietary CNC equipment including a 100 horsepower, 2 roller spinning system, Acme has the ability to spin difficult profiles, contours, and closed ends to meet difficult customer specifications.

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